Eldora Alpha Pass

  1. 01

    Go to the mint page

  2. 02

    Mint the Eldora Alpha Pass

  3. 03

    You are now part of Eldora community


What is the Eldora Alpha Pass ?

The Eldora Alpha Pass is an early mint of the Eldoran Pass. It guarantees a premium access to Eldora metaverse and all his features. Onboard now by choosing your favorite city and being part of a community. There is only 1.000 Alpha Pass available and only one per wallet, so be sure to take yours !

Eldora Alpha PassEldoran Pass
Limit1 per walletUnlimited
Price0.2 ETHFrom 0.6 ETH + 0.0003 for each mint
AvailableNowLater (T.B.A)

How to mint ?

1- Go to Alpha Mint
2- Connect your wallet (Metamask, Coinbase, WalletConnect)
3- Click on Mint Alpha Pass
4- Wait for the transaction to proceed
5- Congrats, you are now an Eldoran !