Greengage join Eldora to work on the future of web3 banking

Eloi de Kÿtspotter • oct 31 2022 • 4min read

Neo-banks Challenges

In 2009, neo-banks or challenger banks appeared and began to compete with financial institutions. Yet their model is limited. When facing problems, users can’t access dedicated customer services or an online advisor chat. What do they need? Real offices? We don't think so!

The key advantage offered by neo banks is to be able to access financial services from home.

Blockchain Technology & Banking

In the metaverse, you will be able to talk with a financial advisor about your projects wherever you may be. The 3D experience will bring this traditional industry into the XXI century. Join your client service by going to the land. There you will be able to choose from the best service and talk with avatars representing banks.

In fact, financial data, transaction management, business meetings, and investment clubs will make the metaverse crucial to business activities.

The blockchain industry is reshaping the soul of banks. There, mass adoption will come with a tool that allows everyone to feel free and comfortable.

The immersive experience of the metaverse is unique and inimitable and will allow users to regain trust in the economic market.

You will be able to meet, discuss, innovate and develop a company or a community by participating in events without an entry barrier. Meeting people will be easier than it has been in the last few years since the global pandemic.

The 3D experience and in the future VR experience will bring the same social relations in the real world to the Metaverse. Let the future become reality!

Eldora X Greengage

We are therefore proud to welcome Greengage as our first official banking services partner to Eldora.

Greengage is the first fully integrated financial services group bridging the traditional financial services space with the new digital innovations in crypto assets and blockchain.

In Greengage, Eldorans will be able to find out more about their range of banking services: E-money accounts / account creation, customer service, advisory, support and much more. In the future, Greengage aims to provide technology SaaS solutions and business loans.

This will accelerate our ecosystem development and bring skill-to-earn to the forefront of Web3 banking!

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