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Eloi de Kÿtspotter • oct 25 2022 • 4min read

Eldora Made for Businesses

Web3 opens up many opportunities for those who are able to take advantage of it.

The immersive experience of the metaverse is unique and inimitable to bring back trust in the economic market.

Our mission is to create a place where businesses and Eldorans can come together to build opportunities :

Builders can easily create, launch ideas, and monetize products and services. As per their need, builders use their lands to create businesses.

This will be made easy, abstracting technological complexities as much as possible :

Eldora provides a set of software tools and programs (SDK), tech tooling and consulting services to foster and accelerate successful new businesses in this new world. Brands in Eldora can extend real-world businesses or create completely digital new business and interactions.

Accessing Eldora will enable you to improve your digital engagement, create your Web3 footprint, sell products and services, interact with your communities differently and create private and public clubs.

Building Community Clubs

Eldora clubs are a new way to build communities where you can collaborate, share, and learn using the blockchain services.

By introducing business clubs, Eldorans are able to reach Alpha groups for new investment opportunities, gather people around a discussion, make events for product launch and share data in a decentralized way.

Although we intend our project to be community driven to allow users to understand, analyze, know, learn and be an actor in the decentralized economic market. Industries from the financial, real estate, events, auctions, e-commerce, and other worlds can also enjoy this cooperative and self-driven Metaverse.

How to Settle your Business in Eldora

The Eldoland Pass allows you to get a land in Eldora. The Pass can only be acquired by contacting Eldora partnerships and enables you to set-up your Eldora’s business presence, use and launch services, interact with other communities and create private and public clubs.

The Eldoland Pass Specification

The Pass enable businesses to fully profit from the limitless technology using the elements below :

SpecificationsEldoland Pass
Private ClubYes
Public ClubYes
Mint PassYes
Land AccessYes

Final Note. Become a builder.

Whether your business is in blockchain, finance, real-estate, event management, auctions or e-commerce, any industry has limitless possibilities that can be an extension of your real-world business.

Eldora is a fully customisable land, where a thriving decentralized virtual space allows people to immerse themselves in a unique economic experience of technology prowess.

There, become a builder and easily create, launch ideas and monetize. Improve your digital engagement, settle your Web3 footprint.

Contacting Eldora partnerships now, and settle your business !

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