The Eldoran – What is it ?

Eloi de Kÿtspotter • oct 22 2022 • 4min read

Eldora, the Land of Freedom and Opportunities for all

Eldora takes on the challenge of making blockchain services accessible to everyone and enables Eldorans to connect around the world and share opportunities. Eldora does so by empowering bridges to the services, technologies, education, and network necessary to unlock the full value of a decentralize future.

Therefore, our mission is to create a place where businesses and Eldorans can come together to build opportunities :

Eldorans can easily trade goods, leverage new financial decentralized services and be notified about the latest evolutions in the field, through dedicated clubs.

This will be made easy, abstracting technological complexities as much as possible :

On the end-Eldoran side all pedagogical tools are in place to allow a quick ramp-up in mastering the field while starting from any level: from absolute beginners to experts.

All in all, Eldora is a limitless environment where you can own anything and everything, starting from your business to hangout spots, from conference centers to lavish homes.

Join and create decentralized communities

By introducing Eldorans to clubs, you are able to reach out to your network for new investment opportunities, gather people around a discussion, possibly event-driven for a product launch and basically just share data in a decentralized way.

Within Eldora, you will be able to meet Eldorans willing to share accurate trading indicators and news, discuss inside communities on the latest investment opportunities, meet crypto investors in a live event, navigate into a 3D real estate asset before a deal, explore an art galleries, find a developer to launch a new DApp on the ecosystem and many other business activities.

As discussed above, Web3 opens up many new opportunities for those who are able to take advantage of it.

Access a wide range of opportunities

By using the latest technologies, Eldora offers the possibility to enjoy NFTs, crypto, and blockchain.

Building Eldora provides a shared environment and economy for all people, regardless of their location. This will enable individuals and businesses to leverage this limitless and borderless Web3 technology.

Moreover, thanks to decentralization, monopoly won’t exist: quality and meritocracy will be stronger. For example, when we are talking about the banking industry, we rather speak about the several services that banking is offering.

In Eldora, you are able to easily trade goods, leverage new financial decentralized services, get notified about the latest evolutions in the field, be part of clubs and communities.

You are now able to find professional decentralized services adapted to your life needs :

How to Mint your Eldoran Pass

The Eldoran pass is buyable or could be freely offer by a business owner. By minting your NFT pass you will be able to join Eldora without Usage Barrier.

The initial 10’000 NFTs supply is the core community and will be asked to participate in Eldora decisions as for 1 Eldoran = 1 vote.

The Eldoran Pass Specification

SpecificationsEldoland Pass
Private ClubYes
Public ClubNo
Mint PassNo
Land AccessNo

The Eldoran pass has a dynamic part that will evolve over time. The first dynamic phase is a daily update of the Fear & Greed Index on the pass. In the future, the pass will be able to evolve according to the market news, important events etc…

Get on the list so you don’t miss the initial 10’000 NFTs supply.

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