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Eldora is a business gateway to blockchain services. A community-driven environment that allows users to be proficient actors in the decentralized economic market.

We build a realistic frictionless environment to allow Eldorans to share market news, discuss investment opportunities, and network.

Enjoy realistic & usefull experiences


Eldora enables users to get access to financial information into personal investments boards, access discussion space, join clubs and communities to better invest your funds.


In Eldora, learning, investing, networking, and recruiting are possible.
Eldora is building a place where businesses and users can come together to build these opportunities, abstracting tech complexities as much as possible.

Crypto Services

Eldorans will have access to DEX, on-chain stats, trading signals room and alpha groups to bring the latest blockchain innovations.


With the democratization of crypto-currencies, the world of banking is re-inventing itself and offering many new financial services. Institutional advisors will provide services such as banking, lending, and investment services.

and a lot more to come…

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By minting your NFT pass you will be able to have access to Eldora’s private events, join or create private club, buy showcased products, use businesses services, interact and build with strong communities.

The initial 10’000 NFTs supply is the core community and will be asked to participate in Eldora decisions as for 1 Eldoran = 1 vote.

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Become a partner, Promote your business in a new world with endless possibilities

Whether your business is in finance, real estate, event management, auctions, or e-commerce, Eldora offers a wide range of business possibilities.

Lands can only be acquired by contacting Eldora partnerships and allows you to set up your Eldora’s business presence.

Improve your digital engagement, buy and sell products and services, interact with your communities differently and create private and public clubs.

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Create or join any of the existing clubs in Eldora

It’s the best place to connect, expand your network & learn within the industries you like.

By introducing business clubs, Eldora enables NFT holders (Eldorans) to reach their network for new investment opportunities, gather people around a discussion, possibly event-driven for a product launch, and basically just share data in a decentralized way.

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The Eldora Team

Theophane Ramé

Théophane created several companies in tech and real estate.

Nathan Chiron

Co-Founder and Eldora's product manager. Designing services, graphics and partners onboarding. In blockchain industry since 6 years.

David Teruzzi

Graduate in Theoretical Chemistry, 10+ years experience in AI and applied maths. Experienced in advanced signal processing and AI applied to trading and data mining. Early adopter and pioneer in blockchain space since 2014. CTO of the Aura Blockchain project.

Lead Blockchain R&D
Jérémie Demas

Engineer graduated in cybersecurity, passionated about Blockchain technology. Working on it since 2019, I am building real expertise in a field that represents a technological breakthrough.


Technologist, former freelancer. MSc in Operations Research. Widely experienced across the software technology spectrum and in engineering management.

Eloi de Kÿtspotter

360 marketing specialist, helping brands achieve their business goals through digital. Google Certified Expert.

Head of Community of Eldora
Dimitri Ebanga

Graduated in digital marketing at Audencia Business school. Builds and maintains the community.

Front-end Developer
Cyprien Delbreil

Freelancer, experienced in front-end development.

Lead Environment Artist
Antonin Bauville

Environment artist and technical advisor specialized in real time graphics, graduated in computer graphics.

3D Artist
Benjamin Rolland

Specialized in 3D, textures, lights, level art, real-time rendering and game engines integration.

Software Engineer
Ranjithkumar P.

Software Enthusiast, Lifelong Learner. Full stack developer with over 14+ years of experience.

Software Engineer
Gonipath Kandhasamy

Graduated in Computer Application. Progressive experience in the field of Information Technology.

Software Engineer
Arunkumar Ranganathan

8+ years of experience as Full stack developer with expertise in Web development.

Software Engineer
Surendar Ramasamy

Specialising in mobile app development and the OTT domain. Full stack developer with over 8+ years of experience. Eager to explore new technologies.

Devops Engineer
Vinusakthi Vijayakumar

Specialising in Cloud and Microservices Architecture, developing Continuous Integration/Delivery pipelines.

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